Welcome to the world of Project Limelight, a free theatre program for kids who are driven to perform. No experience necessary!

Project Limelight is about inspiring children to look inside themselves and discover their inner strengths, explore their hidden talents, develop confidence and form lasting friendships.  Above all, Project Limelight is about having fun!

Motivated to give back, sisters Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver founded Project Limelight to support the East Vancouver community where they were raised. Maureen launched her career in the film industry over 25 years ago in a small office in the Downtown Eastside. As a Casting Director, Maureen has worked with some of the top actors and professionals in the industry, many of whom are lending their support to Project Limelight. In 2002, Maureen co-founded a children’s theatre program on Vancouver Island, offering young people the opportunity to workshop, rehearse, and perform full length productions at professional theatres. It was this experience that gave her a glimpse of the world she wanted to create and the seed for Project Limelight was planted.

Donalda also found her way into the film world, owning and managing Second Avenue Studios, one of Canada’s largest casting studios. During her successful career as a CMA in both industry and public practice, it was in the not-for-profit sector that Donalda found her calling. For her, Project Limelight is a vehicle that provides children with mentors and encourages them to continue their education.

“Our hope is that every child in our program walks away with a widened circle of friends, an increased sense of self, and a heightened curiosity. Nothing would please us more than having participants come back to the program as mentors. To us, that is success.”
– Donalda and Maureen